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Meet the artist
So I just recently finished this sketch, and I'm happy I got it done before my birthday...

So as you can see I really love the color blue but also my favorite eeveelution and most used Pokemon in game is a vaporeon, I named Maxwell after my favorite character from scribblenauts. And if you are wondering why there's a cardinal with a halo well that's my grandpa, (my mother's father) who I never met cause he died before I could meet him, but my mom told me when he passed away there was a cardinal outside the window so whenever we see a cardinal it means he's watching over us, and she tells me I have a lot in common with him for my love of nature and such. Then the Chinese dragon is just a symbol of my true love for mythology and cultural legends and such! I am so intrigued by it all cause it's just so mysterious! And then the buck symbolizes my Native American zodiac, which is a deer, which is also my favorite animal, but my zodiac is Gemini ♊️. So yeah that's me hope you all enjoyed!

Have a wonderful summer and day everyone and don't forget to wish me a happy birthday tomorrow... I love all the support it means so much to me here and on YouTube! :3
On the way to school
So this is Charlie and his friend Zane... I finished this a long while ago and forgot to submit it on deviant art so here it is now! Hope you all enjoy! :3
This is a Chinese dragon mini plush I made a while back, it took me about five days to make and it's complete now! I had to brush it's tail and mane so many times to get it as soft as it is now!

Hope you all enjoy this! :3
Trev X hen
Here's a special Trevor Parker and Henry Monroe couple drawing I just finished!

Hope you all enjoy and please support my channel, or page or something! :3
My boys
So these are some of the main male characters I have that are around the same age group... Yes I have other age grouped characters! Anyways I'll let you know them...

Series 1: "Lite Life"
-Jake Lite: 15
-Nate Jay: 17 (he's a shorty)
-Cole Glenning: 15

Series 2: "Fates Bequest"
-Henry Monroe: 17
-Trevor Parker: 17
-Jack Spring: 16
-Finn Icarus: 16

Series 3: "A Masked Up Fiction" (I just came up with that title on the spot)
-Nathan Grimm (actual last name is Gale)
-Sitri (or Sid)
-Charlie Eve
- (a shadow person that appears from time to time and I had forgotten the name of but its a Latin word for light)

Hope you guys like this and be sure to keep up the encouragement! It really helps me a lot :3
So I've been wanting to do something like this... Which is that I have a Q&A for me and my characters, I'm having a stream for a character panel soon so I want to know F any of you guys have questions?

Examples for characters:
Personal questions:
-favorite game or book or show or even tv/ movie character

Questions for me:
-fave color
-any pets?
-my plan for a series

Please don't ask me for personal info like address and number and to see my face I plan to not show my face until I get up to a certain amount of subscribers on YouTube and a certain amount of watchers on deviant art...

Please remember I really want you guys to ask stuff for this stream! Till then I love you all! :3

P.S. I may draw some of the questions you ask for the characters... And or interactions ^-^


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United States
hi i'm misty azul, or as i'm known on YouTube, Mystic Blue. my actual birthday is June 20, 2001 but when making the account it wouldn't let me put the month or a different year...

i will be putting my sketches and such on this DeviantArt account, so hope you enjoy, i will take pictures of certain things and other stuff that'll be mostly my art or the outdoors.

Hope you like it! :3


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I am so tempted to say don't you mean Mae? Oh shoot I did it already! Curse my urge for puns! Also I'll try to get it on steam
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